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Farmers Cooperative & Supermarket String Credit Business

It means that in the direct trading activity of leading enterprises and farmer special cooperatives directly offering goods to large-scale supermarket enterprise, taking invoice, receipt tickets of supermarkets or material supply list as warrant and basis, and they can apply comprehensive credit business to our bank.
Business range: flow capital loan, notes discounted and other comprehensive credit businesses.
Suitable Object: agricultural leading enterprises and farmer special cooperatives have capital needs in purchasing material or production, processing and circulation process.
Business features:
1.It must be guaranteed with the invoice and material supply list of the applicant supplying goods to supermarket in a definite period, or the supermarkets’ receipt tickets.
2.The payee of guaranteed invoice and bill must be large-scale supermarkets, i.e. under one managerial authority ownership or management, the large-scale chain stores taking customer self-service as main mode in selling various foods and family daily articles.
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