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CUP Standard Card

SRCB CUP(China UnionPay) standard card can be used at any CUP merchants in the world. SRCB provides both CUP classic and gold card to facilitate your daily use.

3 major functions of the CUP Standard Card

Shopping: one card in hand, shopping around the nation (world);

Transfer & settlement: saving time and energy, and worry free;

Cash deposit/withdrawal: easy to make cash transactions without fee charge.

Value-add functions of the CUP Stanndard Card

Spend by credit with interest free

You can make the spending within the approved credit limit and the interest free period is up to 56 days. 

Revolve credit line and upgrade

Credit limit will be automatically restored after your outstanding is paid off; Your credit limit could be adjusted after our annual review.

Repayment by minimum amount

You can choose minimum repayment to maintain sound credit record;

Bonus points programm

You will get one point for each RMB 1 spending with your credit card, points can be used to redeem many exquisite gifts.

Real-time SMS Alert

You will receive SMS alert once there is any changes occurred in your credit card.

The primary and supplementary card share the same credit limit

Your credit limit is shared by primary and supplementary card. The credit limit can be allocated at primary cardholder's discretion.

Automatic repayment

Your credit card outstanding can be settleted by SRCB debit card account automatically if you sign the standing payment instruction with SRCB debit card.

Activate Your Card

You can active your card by following options:

1.     Call SRCB Hotline 962999 to activate your credit card;

2.     Come to any SRCB branch with your card and valid ID card to active your credit card.

3.     Log on www.srcb.com to activate your card.

Setting password

Once you’ve activated your credit card, please immediately set the password for security.

There’re two sets of password for Wealth Card: one set for cash withdrawal and transactions; one set for making inquiry through telephone.

Transaction password Inquiry password
Initial password After activation After activation
How to change SRCB ATM
SRCB branches
Self-service through phone banking
SRCB credit card online banking
SRCB branches
Self-service through phone banking
SRCB credit card online banking
Main purpose Domestic consumption
ATM cash withdrawal
Check account information through telephone banking.
Log on credit card online banking

Credit limit

Initial credit limit

Your initial credit limit is granted based on your credit history and the relevant information. Your daily consumption and cash advance withdrawal cannot over the limit our bank issued to you, the limit is shard by both primary and supplementary card.  

Available credit limit

This refers to the available credit limit for use. After each transaction, your credit limit will be reduced; once you’ve made repayment, your credit line will be restored. You can check your available credit limit through Hotline, self-service machines, etc.You can also calculate your credit limit by the following formula: Available credit limit = Approved credit limit - Spending(billed + unbilled) - interests/fees + repayment

Cash Advance limit

This refers to the top limit you can make overdraft. Usually, cash withdraw limit is 50% of your total limit. Daily overdraft can not exceed RMB 2,000.

Adjustment of credit limit

When your current credit limit is no longer meet your consume needs, you can call SRCB Hotline (962999) to apply for increasing credit limit. SRCB will decide whether or not and how to increase based on your credit standing, card utilization, etc.

SRCB conducts annual review on customers’ card utilization and credit standing. Based on the result, SRCB will decide whether to make adjustment to customers’ credit limit or not.

Permanent adjustment Temporary adjustment
Pre-condition 6 months in service with sound credit record
How to adjust Customer to apply SRCB to adjust periodically Customer to apply
Period of validity Permanent 1 month

Account and bank statement

Statement Date

This refers to the date when your transactions and expenditures within a bill cycle are consolidated and settled.

Payment Due Day

This refers to the due day when you are supposed to repay your credit card bill. SRCB sets the Repayment day as 25 days post the Bill issuing day.

Limit information

This refers to the information related to your credit card limit and cash advance limit.

Current balance

This refers to the balance due of current period and the outstanding balance from last period, which includes credit card payment items, cash advance amount, revolving interest, annual service fee, cash advance service charge and other payables.

Minimum repayment amount

This refers to the minimum amount you should repay for the current period.

Opening Balance

This refers to the billed amount in last cycle.

Repaid amount of the current period

This refers to the repayment amount you’re already repaid since the last Billing day to the current billing day.

Current period billed amount

This refers to the total amount of all transaction payments and payable items since the last Billing day to the current Billing day.


This refers to the total adjustment amount which includes return from merchants or return of annual service fee since the last Billing day to the current Billing day.

Revolving interest

This refers to the total amount of revolving interest for Primary card and its Supplementary card.

Transaction date                   

This refers to the date when you make a specific transaction or cash advance.

Posting day

This refers to the date when your transaction is booked to your credit card account.

Transaction description

This refers to the relevant information of each transaction, which includes transaction type and merchant name, etc.

Bonus Point information

This refers to the newly-added points gained from current period and your total available points. You can exchange accumulated points for nice gifts offered by SRCB.

Interest calculation method

For any deposit in your credit card account, SRCB will not accrue interest on it. For the overdraft value, if you can repay the total amount before deadline, SRCB won’t charge any interest; if you make cash advance from the card, transfer cash through the card, or can not repay full amount of the bill, SRCB will charge 0.05% of interest rate on the overdraft value, and interest is calculated by month using compound method.

Interest-free period

This refers to the interest-free favorable treatment SRCB provides to customers who consume on credit. The period starts from the deal booking day till the repayment deadline, with shortest of 25 days and longest of 56 days.

Calculation of late payment penalty

If you can not make minimum repayment before the deadline, SRCB will charge 5% of arrear penalty on the outstanding value of the minimum repayment (minimum of RMB 1).

Calculation of over-limit charge

If you have used more than your approved limit, and can not repay the excessive amount before the close of business, SRCB will charge 5% of over-limit fee on the excessive part (minimum of RMB 1 and maximum of RMB 500).

Delivery of bank statement

If there’s any credit card transaction made during the current month, SRCB will send bank statement to the registered delivery address through mail.

If you haven’t received your bank statement 10 days after the issuing day, please call SRCB Hotline 962999 for inquiry, and ask for re-sending.

Kind reminder: failure of receiving bank statement does not constitute an excuse for refusing to repay or pay penalties due to late repayment.

Change of the address and resending

If you want to change your mail delivery address, you can:

l  Call SRCB hotline to apply for the change;

l  Write down the new address on the bank statement, and send it back to SRCB Credit Card Department (to Credit Card Department, Level 15, No. 8, Yin Cheng Road Middle, Pu Dong New District, postal code: 200120)

If you want SRCB to resend bank statement, please make application through SRCB Hotline.

Repayment method

Full repayment

If you choose to make full repayment before the deadline, you can enjoy interest-free treatment.

Minimum repayment

If you choose to repay the minimum amount, you won’t enjoy interest-free treatment.

Minimum repayment = 10% of non-cash transaction (consumption) overdraft within the limit + 100% of above-limit non-cash transaction + 100% of cash transaction (cash withdraw) overdraft + interest expense (annual fee, loss-reporting fee, arrear penalty and other types of fee charges) + outstanding part of the minimum repayment for last statement period + 100% of the outstanding part of last bill

Repayment amount Interest for consumption overdraft Arrear penalty
Full repayment Not charging Not charging
Above minimum repayment Charging Not charging
below minimum repayment Charging Charging

Repayment over the counter

Customer can make repayment at the counter of any SRCB or Bank of Shanghai branch.

Repayment through self-service machine

Customers can deposit cash or make fund transfer on SRCB self-service machines to make repayment.

Repayment through telephone banking

Customers can call SRCB Hotline (962999) and ask for credit card repayment service.

Repayment through automatic fund transfer

If you have opened settlement account at SRCB or hold SRCB Wish Debit Card, you can apply for automatic repayment service. On repayment day of each month, SRCB will, based on your authorization, deduct certain amount of money from your settlement account or Wish Card to repay the credit card bill. You can select to make either full repayment or minimum amount.

Repayment through SRCB Online Banking

Registered customers who hold Online Banking USB keys can make repayment using the “Credit Card Repayment Function” in the Credit Card Online Banking or Personal Online Banking Professional Version.

Repayment through Online Banking for other banks

You can also make fund transfer to repay your credit card bill through Online Banking System of other banks.

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