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Credit card service

Service overview

Customers can check complete credit card information, manage credit card and accumulated points, and acknowledge transaction details through this platform.

Function introduction

This includes information inquiry, bill inquiry, and credit card repayment and point management.

a) Information inquiry: this gives a full view of credit card holder information, account information and balance information.

b) Bill inquiry: this enables inquiry for billed transactions and unbilled transactions for card holders to understand the expenditure and arrange repayment.

c) Credit card repayment: repayment through fund transfer and automatic repayment are available. Customers can choose to transfer money from debit card to repay the bill, or set automatic repayment which allows the system to deduct money from designated debit card automatically every month to repay the bill.

d) Point management: SRCB launches point exchange activities periodically. Card holders can select and exchange presents with credit card points.

Important notice

a) Apart from credit card repayment function, other credit card services are Credit Card Online Banking exclusive functions.

b) Card holders can log onto credit card online banking with card number and inquiry, and no need for registration. If you want to open up repayment service, please come to SRCB branch to submit the application.

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