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Online Payment

Service overview

The online payment support online business and online shopping. You will enjoy the convenience of online consumption by paying bills online and shopping online.

Function Introduction

Online payment including order payment, opening online payment, modifying/closing online payment, detail payment inquiry.

1. Order payment: You can use your card with online payment function to shopping at any online stores which have cooperation with SRCB.

2. Open online payment function: You can log in online banking or SRCB’s branch to open online payment function, after that, you can use online banking to pay online shopping and pay your credit cards bills, jusy easily set automatic bills payment string with your debit card current account.

3. Modifying/closing online payment: You can modify or close the online payment function at “online payment management” at online banking. You can easily modify your single payment limit and day payment limit based on your need. Your personal reserved information can be showed on the page of online payment in order to verify the reality of shopping website.

4. Payment detail inquiry: You can find all of online payment transactions from last one year through online banking.

Important Notice

1. Online payment is only supported by U-Key online banking; the web based online banking is not available.

2. SRCB has already provided online payment service for most electronic commercial websites through third party payment companies.

3. Please double check the personal reserved information before make payment in order to prevent fraud from illegal websites.   

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