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Bill payment and prepayment

Service overview

This allows you to easily pay utility bill and recharge mobile phone online 24-hour a day.

Function introduction

This includes utility bill payment, mobile phone recharge, mobile phone number list management, etc.

a) Utility bill payment: this includes water fee, electricity fee, gas fee, fixed telephone fee and mobile phone fee.

b) Mobile phone recharge: the service can recharge all Shanghai Mobile phone numbers.

c) Mobile phone number list management: user can manage all frequently-recharged numbers in a list.

Important notice

a) Utility bill payment is restricted to Shanghai area;

b) Please do not try to pay overdue bill through Personal Online Banking;

c) The system can only support Shanghai Mobile phone numbers recharging. Each time, the recharging value must be integral multiples of RMB 50, with single transaction not exceeding RMB 1,000. Daily accumulative number of recharging is limited to 3 for a single mobile phone number.

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