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Investment & Financial Planning

Service overview

SRCB provides customers with investment products such as wealth management, open-ended fund and etc. investors can earn return on investment while taking certain levels of risk.

Function introduction

This includes fund management, wealth product management and contract maintenance.

a) Fund management: investors can purchase, redeem, authorize automatic investment plan of SRCB agent fund products with favorable transaction fee rates.

b) Wealth products management: investors can check the wealth products SRCB is selling, as well as manage purchased wealth products. At the moment, online transaction function is not available.

c) Contract maintenance: investors can manage different wealth product contract information, and change or remove contracted accounts.

Important notice

a) SRCB gives no guarantee on the return of agent fund products. Investors should choose proper products based on personal risk appetite.

b) Purchase or subscription order submitted during 9:30-15:00 on trading days is executed based on the net worth value of the day. Orders submitted out of the period will be postponed to the next trading day.

c) Please refer to latest announcements by Fund management companies for relevant rules on fund purchase and subscription.
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