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Payment via PBoC Payment & Settlement System

Online banking provides you 24 hours with the inter-bank account information inquiries and accounts collection services. With RC Internet Banking, you can easily master each bank’s account information, and achieve a one-stop wealth management.


The functions of online banking include inter-bank account balance inquiries, inter-bank account details inquiry, inter-bank real-time remittance, inter-bank initiative receivables, check agreement and contract signature, payment agreement signature, agreement management, internet trading status inquiry.

1. Inter-bank account balance inquiry: 24 hours service for inter-bank personal debit card account balance inquiry.

2. The inter-bank account details inquiry: provide you with 24 hours details of inter-bank personal debit card account that very day and historical account transaction.

3. Inter-bank real-time remittance: provide you with a remittance service to enterprises and individual clients of other banks.

4. The inter-bank automatic collection: you can deduct other bank’s payer account funds to your Rural Commercial Bank account in accordance with the terms of the agreement, support real-time transfer as well.

5. The inquiry protocol signature: Provide inquiry account balance of other bank and detailed protocol signature services.

6. Payment agreement signature: provide service of deducting other bank account fund agreement signature.

7. Protocol management: provide inquiry and revocation services of inquiry agreements and payment agreements.

8. Internet and transaction status inquiry: provide agreement signature, the balance of detail inquiry, initiative receivables and other business transaction status inquiry.


1. The inquiry results will be a short delay on the balance and details inquiries, please note the account changes;

2. Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank opens inquiries and payment agreements to all banks participating in the online banking Internet. Several banks that only open to our bank, can not handle the initiative collection business. Please pay attention to the relative function introduction of each bank.

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