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Personal Foreign Exchange Bought Business

This refers to the service whereby individuals can convert RMB into foreign currency at SRCB for overseas payment.

SRCB offers FX purchase of USD, EUR, HKD, JPY, GBP, AUD, CAD and SGD to individuals for their requirements in overseas study, travelling, delegation, immigration or investment.


According to SAFE (State Administration of Foreign Exchange) regulations, each individual, no matter whether is on-shore or off-shore, is entitled accumulated USD 50,000 or equivalent FX purchase quotas every year.

For FX purchase within annual quotas, the individual can make transactions with personal identity certificates at SRCB.

For FX purchase exceeding the quotas, SRCB can proceed with the transaction upon verifying the customer’s identity against SAFE regulations.


8 major foreign currencies available.

Customers can make overseas remittance after FX purchase.

FX purchase is not limited by the place of registered residence.

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