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"Xin Tong Bao" Trade Enterprise Financing under Market Companies

If your company is the enterprise settled in the merchandise-on-hand commodity trade market and contracted with our bank, you can apply for the business of“Xin Tong Bao Trade Enterprise Financing under Market Companies”, the market company contracted with and approved by our bank will offer guarantee insurance for your company.
Products features:
depend market, credit guaranteed
convenient and quick, flexible and various
Suitable object:
The enterprise(undertaking) legal entity checked for registration by local industrial and commercial administrative organs(or authority in charge),who open basic or general account in our bank, have constant business places in the markets recognized by our bank and are recommended by the market companies.
Application procedure:
1.The market company applies for business to our bank and offers concerned materials;
2.Our bank makes credit investigation, check and approval to the market company;
3.Our bank signs cooperative agreement with the market company;
4.Market company recommends borrowing enterprises to our bank.
5.Our bank makes credit investigation, check and approval to the borrowing enterprise.
6.Our bank signs loan contract and other law documents with client
7.Our bank makes the loan.
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