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SMS Service

In order to provide personal and corporate customers with a convenient inquiry access, SRCB has launched mobile phone SMS service to notify any account balance changes.

Once you've opened up the SMS service, SRCB will send personal or corporate customers information on account balance movement, transaction details, financial market updates, new product information, as well as festival greetings through SMS message.

1. Service introduction

Based on the content, SMS message can be classified into Account service type, Loan service type, Information service type, etc.

1) Account service message: SRCB will automatically send customers account/fund management related information, which includes account balance movement notification, all kinds of payment notification, card transaction notification, brokerage transaction notification and other relevant account information notification, etc.

2) Loan service message: SRCB will send customers loan relevant remind messages, such as loan maturity notification, fund deduction success/failure notification, credit card overdraft collection notification, etc.

3) Information service message: SRCB will send customers financial market updates, new product introduction and festival greeting messages, such as interest rates information, FX market updates, stock market information, fund value information, as well as birthday wishes, etc.

2. Application Process

1) For debit card SMS

Customers can open up this service at SRCB branches with personal ID certificates and debit card, or they can open up this service through telephone banking self-service.

2) For credit card SMS

If customers have provided mobile phone number when applying for the credit card, once the card is approved and issued, the SMS service will be automatically opened up.

3. Kinder Reminders

1) Please review and agree on SRCB relevant service clauses and rules before you subscribe SMS service.

2) Once your registered mobile phone number is changed, please promptly notify SRCB for update.

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