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Bill Settlement

1)     Service overview

This provides you with convenient and fast bill issuance service. You can input bill information through online banking, and then come to SRCB branch to exchange for cashier’s check, bank bill and etc to save time.

2)     Function introduction

This includes application for bank bill, application for cashier’s check, bank bill acceptance inquiry, bank bill acceptance inquiry result, etc.

a)     Application for bank bill: provide you with bank bill issuance application service.

b)     Application for cashier’s check: provide you with cashier’s check issuance application service.

c)     Bank bill acceptance inquiry: when you receive bank bill acceptance from counterparty, you can check its authenticity using this function.

d)     Bank bill acceptance inquiry result: check the result of the inquiry you’ve initiated.

3)     Important notice

a)     No cash-formed bank bill and cashier’s check is accepted in online banking.

b)     Bank bill acceptance inquiry is pending counterparty bank’s reply, and the result is not real time returned. Please check result after several business days.

c)     Bank bill acceptance inquiry result serves as reference only for the authenticity of the items carried on the bill, it doesn’t guarantee the authenticity of the bill itself. Please be cautious of bill risks.

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