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Account Inquiry

1)     Service overview

This provides customers with account inquiry and management functions. Customers can check account information, download and manage account balance, transaction details and account information, to monitor corporate funds on real time.

2)     Function introduction

This includes current account balance inquiry, current account transaction inquiry, security deposit inquiry, term deposit inquiry and call deposit inquiry.

a)     Current account balance inquiry: 24-hour service for account balance movement.

b)     Current account transaction inquiry: you can check intraday and historical transaction records, and check on incoming remitter’s information.

c)     Security deposit inquiry: you can check security deposit account information through online banking.

d)     Term deposit inquiry: you can check term deposit information through online banking.

e)     Call deposit inquiry: you can check call deposit information through online banking.

3)     Important notice

a)     You can check historical record within the previous year for current account details.

b)     Once you’ve opened up security deposit, term deposit and call deposit service and Corporate Online Banking, you can log on the internet banking and check account information without further application.

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