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Application Process

1.Telephone banking personal customers can be classified into registered and non-registered customers. For registered customers, all functions of the Telephone Banking Wish Card service are available. For non-registered customers, all functions of the Telephone Banking Wish Card service except Wish Card fund transfer to Wish Card are available. The application process for telephone banking registration is followed:
1)     Customer come to SRCB branch for account opening with valid ID certificate and Wish Card;
2)     Customer fill in “Wish Card function application form”, sign off and submit to branch staff;
3)     Customer set inquiry password for Wish Card;
Note: annual service fee for Personal Telephone Banking is waived.

2.Application process for corporate client opening up telephone banking is followed:
1)     Company responsible person come to account opening SRCB branch to open account with specimen card;
2)     Fill in “Corporate client telephone banking application form”, stamp company chop, and submit to branch staff;
3)     Set inquiry password for telephone banking.
Note: annual service fee of RMB 240-360/year is charged for Corporate Telephone Banking.

3.Credit card holders can directly use all functions of telephone banking with credit card number and inquiry password. No service fee is charged.
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