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Xin Tong Card

Xin Tong Card is a kind of dual-interface IC debit card, combining chip with magnetic stripe card, with financial functions on consuming , remittance and clearance, cash deposit and withdraw, etc. It is used through both contact and non-contact way.

1. Features of Electronic Cash

The electronic cash of Xin Tong Card which is without name record cannot be reported loss.

It is non-interest-bearing. You can not withdraw electronic cash as normal cash. The ceiling of its account balance is 1,000 Yuan.

2. Function of Xin Tong Card

(1)The functions of normal magnetic stripe card

(2)The functions of Electronic Cash

Credit for load on the specified account: transfer money from the Current account of the debit card which is linked with electronic cash account by contract to electronic cash account

Credit for load on the non-designated account: transfer money from the Current account of the debit card to electronic cash account

Cash recharge: recharge cash towards electronic cash account

Offline Consumption: consumption through electronic cash with China Union Pay IC Card Merchant. In addition to the transaction risk control needs, customer can enjoy general offline consumption in the consumer terminal without withdrawal password.

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