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Young Wealth Credit Card

Qing Lian Wealth Card is a joint brand credit card launched by SRCB in cooperation with Shanghai Youth Association. The card not only provides with basic functions such as overdraft, transfer & settlement, and cash withdrawal, but also offers promotional service at member merchants. Card holders can enjoy discounts at more than 110 local famous merchants, which covering 6 main areasnamely, clothing, dining, accommodation, travelling, shopping and entertainment. You can ,also exchange your accumulatedpoints with nice gifts offered by SRCB

Promotional service

1.    Card holder can enjoy lowest of 68% discount at member merchants.

2.    Card holder can not enjoy both the promotional service provided by the card and other favorable service offered by the merchant at the same time.

3.    Points get doubled on weekend, and get tripled on holidays.

4.    SRCB reserves the final rights of interpretation on the promotional service.

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