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Notice of SRCB 2009 General Shareholders’ Meeting

SRCB Board of Directors has review and confirmed the 2009 General Shareholders’ Meeting will be held in the pm of April 23rd 2010. In accordance with SRCB’s Articles of Association, we’re now making the announcement as below.

1.   Meeting time

2:00 pm April 23rd (Friday) 2010 (please make registration half an hour ahead of time).

2.   Meeting venue

The 4th conference room (1601), 16th Floor, No. 8 Yin Cheng Middle Road.

Transportation: Metro line No. 2, Bus No. 818, No. 119, etc.

3.   Meeting agenda

1)       Listen to “SRCB 2009 Audit Report “;

2)       Review on “SRCB Finance Implementation in 2009 and Budget Plan in 2010“;

3)       Review on “SRCB 2009 Profit Distribution Plan”;

4)       Listen to “SRCB Board Members Performance Report”;

5)       Listen to “SRCB 2009 Related-party Transaction Report”;

6)       Review on “SRCB 2009 Board of Directors Working Report”;

7)       Review on “SRCB 2009 Board of Supervisors Working Report”;

8)       Review on “Proposal on the subsidy standards for SRCB Board Directors and Supervisors”;

9)       Review on “Proposal on formulating SRCB Board Members Management Methods”;

10)     Review on “Proposal on modification of SRCB Board Member Performance Review Methods”;

11)     Review on “Proposal on Appointment of  Mr Shou Weiguang as SRCB Board Member”;

12)     Review on “Proposal on SRCB signing up Supplementary Agreement to Share Subscription Agreement with ANZ”;

13)     Listen to “Report on the Supervisory Opinions from CBRC Shanghai in 2008 and SRCB’s Rectification Measures”.

4.   Required attendees

SRCB Board of Directors members, Board of Supervisors members, Senior Executives and all shareholders as registered by April 2nd 2010.

5.   How to attend

1)       For legal person shareholders, please make registration on spot with Certificate of Shares, Letter of Authorization from legal person representative and the ID card of the attendee.

2)       For personal shareholders, please make registration on spot with Certificate of Shares and personal ID card.

6.   Other matters

1)       Please pay your own expenses on transportation and meals.

2)       This Notice is publicized on SRCB website (www.srcb.com) as well as Shanghai Finance Press;

3)       SRCB does not give any gifts to attendees.

4)       Contact information: SRCB Board Office (23rd Floor, No. 8 Yin Cheng Middle Road)

Telephone: 021-38576608/38576711

Fax: 021-50105085           Postal code: 200120

                                                                                                              SRCB Board of Directors Office

                                                                                                                                  April 2nd, 2010

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