List of Check-Up Centers

List of Health Check-up Centers
City Name Address
Shanghai Aikang Guobin Shanghai Gubei Health check-up Center Floor 6, Dongsen Club, Mandarine City, No. 8 Cuiyu Road (Near Guyang Road), Shanghai
Aikang Guobin Shanghai Pudong Avenue Health check-up Center Floor 3, No. 2554 Pudong Avenue, Shanghai City
Aikang Guobin Shanghai Xikang Road Physical Examincation Center No. 252 Xikang Road, Shanghai City
Aikang Guobin Shanghai Wujiachang Health check-up Center Floor 5, Wanda International Plaza, No. 36 Guobin Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai City
Aikang Guobin Shanghai Lujiazui Health check-up Center Floor 1 - 2, Jin Tao Building, No. 1900 Shangcheng Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai City
Aikang Flagship Centre Shanghai Fukang Health check-up Center No. 1018 Dingxi Road, Shanghai City
 Hunan Changsha Xiangya Wellness Center No. 87 Xiangya Road, Changsha City, Hunan Province


1. We will open health check-up service for you within 10 working days after your Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank World and Platinum Travel Card is activated.

2. The health check-up service is only for you and the supplementary cardholder. You and the supplementary cardholder can only enjoy the service for one time per year respectively.
3. Please call our 24-hours Customer Service Hotline at 021-962999 (customers outside of Shanghai please call 4006-962999) 7 days advance for health check-up service and our service representative will help you make an appointment.
4. You are required to present your Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank World and Platinum Travel Card and your identity documents to the Health Check-up Center for health check-up.
5. After the check-up is completed, the Health Check-up Centers will draw the checkup report on behalf of you with professional interpretation of the report.