Chauffer Service


The service provider is exempt from responsibility or entitled to refuse to provide service and reserves the right of claims in case of the followings:

 That the customer fails to coordinate with the driver in verifying his/her identity and service
   information on the site, including but not limited to showing his/her driving license, driving
   certificate and other identity documents to the driver for registration; that the customer fails
   to read Service Notice on the service record before use the service and sign.

 That the customer drinks too much unconsciously and without companion, or is a person who cannot take
   care of himself/herself and with nobody accompanying.

 That the customer carries pet, gun, ammunition, controlled knives or other similar articles and
   dangerous goods, including explosives, gas, flammable liquid and solid, substances liable to
   spontaneous combustion, substances which will release flammable after contacting with water, oxidant,
   organic peroxides, toxic substances, infectious substances, radioactive, corrosive and other dangerous
   substances and articles which do not belong any of the above categories as well as prohibited goods
   by the law of the PRC.

 That the customer's baggage exceeds car's carrying capacity.

 The service provider will not assume the burden of proof in case of loss of the customer's valuable
   belongings due to his/her carelessness.

 In the event that the customer disturbs the driver or makes the driver break rules and regulations in
   the service process, the service provider has the right to make a compensation claims against the
   customer for the loss arising therefrom.

 The customer shall sign on the service record upon the completion of the service and evaluate the
   service. If the customer shows his/her satisfaction for the service in written form, the service
   provider is entitled to make a judgment on the subsequent compliant by this customer.

 The customer shall offer vehicle's formalities completely and pay compulsory liability insurance,
   third-party liability insurance, vehicle damage insurance and non-deductible insurance. When
   a traffic accident happens during the process of the service, if it is caused mainly by the fault
    of the driver assigned by the service provider, the service provider shall bear the responsibility for
   the part which the insurance company does not compensate; if the accident is the other party's fault,
    the service provider has no liability for the compensation, but it can assist the traffic police
   officers in investigation and settle insurance claim on behalf of the customer.

 The vehicle provided by the customer shall be in good and sound conditions. In case the customer
   conceals true situation, it shall assume any and all responsibilities for bodily injury and
   property damage and loss incurred in the process of the service. The service provider shall not bear
   any responsibility for the traffic accident arising out of vehicle spontaneous combustion, brake or
   steering wheel failure, tire burst, parts aging, etc.

 Under the circumstance that the customer fails to clearly inform or a traffic accident happens, if the
   customer misses the plane, business activity, etc. due to the service delay, the service provider
   will not be liable for the economic or other losses. In the event that the service provider fails to
   complete, delays the service or offers lower quality service caused by an event of force majeure
   including, but not limited to bad weather, natural hazards, war or governmental regulations, the
   service provide may be exempt from responsibility.

 Before starting the service, the customer shall coordinate with the driver assigned by the service
   provider in checking vehicle conditions and other information in connection with the service
   and sign. After the service is completed, the customer shall sign again for confirmation and the
   service provider will not accept any claim and compliant after signing on the Service Record by the