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Equity Pledged Lending


Equity pledged lending refers to a financing product that the borrower pledges personal holding or 3rd-party holding company (non-listed company limited or joint-stock company limited as required by SRCB) shares as collateral to apply loan from SRCB. Under the equity-pledged line of credit, the borrower can apply for working capital loan, commercial draft discounting, package loan, corporate technology upgrade loan, etc.


This product resolves the difficulty usually happens on high-tech SMEs that they can’t get credit facility from banks due to lack of tangible assets as collateral. With this product, SMEs can easily borrow money and repay loan within SRCB approved credit limit, and the process is straight forward.

Target customers

High-tech SMEs that own proprietary intellectual property rights and pattern rights, and have been under normal operation for 2+ years. The company should have a required level of net assets and steady revenue income.

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