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Export Invoice Financing

This refers to the financing with recourse provided by SRCB to exporter with commercial invoice in O/A or collection settlement, and the exporter agrees to transfer the account receivables to SRCB for repayment of loan.


Exporter gets paid prior to importer’s actual payment, which accelerates the capital turnaround and improves financial situation.

Help to mitigate foreign exchange risk and secure profit.

Trade finance specific limit can not exceed 80% of invoice value.

Target customers

Legal entity with import/export license, and have steady settlement business relationship with SRCB.

Company must have complete account receivables management system, with rich exporting experience, and have sound credit record and export collection record.

The exporting goods must be within approved business scope of the exporter.

There must be steady relationship between the importer and the exporter.

Trade background must be genuine.

Application process

1.    Customer to apply for export invioce financing credit limit at SRCB.

2.    Once customer has made shipment, it must submit financing application and relevant exporting documents to SRCB, as well as transfer the invoice to SRCB.

3.    SRCB to review the application, and sign legal contracts (ie. export invoice financing contract, etc) with the customer.

4.    SRCB to grant export loan.

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