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Anbang Insurance of Enterprise Credit Guarantee Loan

It means that under the condition of Anbang Property Insurance Incorporated Company making credit guarantee insurance for the applicant, then our bank supplies loan to the applicant.

Suitable Object: the enterprise legal entity and other economic organization who have enterprise credit guarantee insurance in Anbang Insurance, established legally, with legal person business qualification, constant business place and ability of repaying the capital and interest.

Business procedures:
1.The applicant gets Cover Letter of Intent issued by Anbang Insurance, fills in the loan application to our bank’s demands and supplies necessary loan data.
2.After being checked and passed by SRCB, sign concerning contracts of the business with applicant.
3.Anbang Insurance issues warranty to our bank and applicant under the duplication of loan contract.
4.The applicant shall apply for drawings successively in needs; our bank makes loans to the applicant after receiving Loan Notice agreed by Anbang Insurance.

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