Point Reward Rules

Point Reward Rules

Do you want to make the most of your credit card points? Come and join our Points Redemption Plan. With the points, you can not only get many exquisite gifts free of additional charge from our bank, but also can redeem Asia Miles and KrisFlyer mileages to get tickets or miles with over 20 airline companies at home and abroad partnering with Asia Miles and Singapore Airlines.

 Terms and Conditions

1.   The points earned by your supplementary cardholder are accounted at your primary card account and you
      are entitled to redeem.

2.   You need to make an application of point redemption for mileages within the validity of points.

3.   Please call our 24-hour service hotline at 021-962999 (customers outside of Shanghai please call
      4006-962999) for redemption.

4.   Please confirm that you are a member of an airline company relating to miles redemption and Travel
      Rewards Programme before converting your points to miles. The miles will be deposited into your
      member account with the Airline Company and Travel Rewards Programme by the Airline
      Company and Asia Miles Limited (AML). The application for redemption can not be changed and canceled.

5.    Your miles will be transferred to your member account of Airline Company’s Travel Rewards
       Programmme within 15 working days after your application is accepted.