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Personal Legal Reserves of Housing Acquisition Loan

1. Target customer and application requirements

The applicant must be urban employee who is buying property in Shanghai, and is depositing social housing fund on a regular basis.

1)     The applicant must have steady job and income, have fixed residence in Shanghai, and being able to repay the principal and interest.

2)     The applicant must have successively been depositing housing fund on regular basis for 6 months before loan application.

3)     The applicant can present with effective housing sales/pre-sales contract signed with the house seller.

4)     The applicant has already paid the down payment at the required percentage.

2. Loan purpose

1)     For purchasing commercial housing developed by real estate companies;

2)     For purchasing publicly owned housing that are for sales;

3)     For purchasing second-hand housing with property rights listed in the property market.

3. Loan term and interest rates

1)     The term of each housing fund loan should not exceed 30 years.

2)     Housing loan interest rates are executed in accordance with the benchmark interest rates announced by People's Bank of China.

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