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A Through Train on Second-hand Housing Loan

"One-step service of second-hand housing loan" business initiated by Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank, refers to provide both buyers and sellers of second-hand housing with the series of service, including second-hand housing information publishing and loan financing, supervision and control of funds, mortgage transfer etc.

Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank devotes full effort to ensure security of your financial transactions and reliability of houses resources with legal convenient procedures, it’s real a service platform of convenience, time-saving, labor-saving and economical! Make it easy for you to purchase houses by loan without any worries!
I.  Service Features:
To ensure maximal interests of every customer and improve the legitimacy of transaction, Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank only releases second-hand housing sources after accurate and careful examination. Any revocations or changes of house information must be done by the applicant with valid identification card at the networks to make an objective, justice, legal and orderly service environment.
II. Trading Advantages:
1. Ensure the authenticity of second-hand housing information.
2. Ensure the transparency of the process of second-hand housing transaction.
3. Assure the safety of second-hand housing transaction funds.
4. Exempt all the trade handling charges to save your money, time,effort and worries, and truly bring you one-step services.
III. Information Release:
1. The release of information shall be made by second-level branch networks of SRCB.
2. The sellers are required to provide the real estate right certificates (original and photocopy) and valid personal identity documents (original and photocopy).
3. For the houses that have the leasing record, or existing leasing relationship, the applicant must provide written proof of the lease contract and the lessee giving up the right of preemption.
V. Required Documents:
1.Housing stock information releasing power of attorney
2. Real estate right certificate (original and photocopy).
3. Oneself and property owner’s identity documents (original and photocopy).
4. Other documents or data required by SRCB.

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