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Personal Second-hand Housing Mortgage Loan

1. Personal Second-hand Housing Mortgage Loan

It is a RMB guarantee loan helps borrowers to purchase second-hand houses.

2. Target Customers

The applicants should be natural person of full civil capacity, more than 18 years old (including 18 years old) with legal valid identity certificates and fixed residence.

3. Application requirements

The Applicants must have valid identification.

The applicants must have full-time job and income, enable to repaying principal and interest.

The applicants must enable to pay the 20% of full price.

Approve to accept mortgage on its second-hand house.

Follow SRCB’s “Measures for the Administration of Personal Housing Mortgage Loan”.

4. Documents

The identification cards and household registry booklet of debtor and its co-owners.

The income certification of debtor and its co-owners.

The marital status certification.

The legal houses purchasing contract or agreement.

The receipt of first term payment.

Other documents required by SRCB

5. Loan's amount, term, interest.

Amount – Maximum 80% of house value.

Term – Not exceed 30 years.

Interest – Follow the legal official interest rate announced by People’s Bank of China.

6. Easy repayment, various choices.

One time repayment

Repayment by months

Repayment by seasons

Monthly certain principal payment

Seasonal certain principal payment

Repayment by years

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