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Shipping Guarantee

This refers to the guarantee SRCB issue to carrier or its agent for the importer to take delivery of the goods before the receipt of bill of lading.


It enables the importer to pick up the goods in time to avoid economic loss.

Once the importer has finished picking up process, even there are discrepancies, importers can not refuse to make payment or acceptance.

Target customers

Companies with sound settlement history and credit record with SRCB, engages in near-sea trading business, not able to pick up goods from carrier without B/L while it often happens that goods arrival earlier than expected.

Application process

1.    Once customer has received arrival notice from the carrier, it is to submit application to SRCB with full set of invoice and photocopy of  B/L.

2.    SRCB to review the application and go through the business procedures, and then issue Shipping Guarantee.

3.    Customer to pick up goods from carrier on presenting the Shipping Guarantee.

4.    When the original copy of B/L arrives, SRCB will send it to the customer who will then re-send it to the carrier in exchange for the Shipping Guarantee.

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