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SRCB Electronic Banking Security Notice

Basic security knowledge

1.    Please properly keep all important e-banking related documents, including ID card, bank card, cashbook, password envelop, mobile digital certificate, company specimen card, etc. Do not leave them to the safekeeping of unauthorized person. Do not release your personal information such as card number, cashbook number, ID card number, home telephone number and etc at distrustful websites or other public places.

2.    Please protect important information such as card number, cashbook number, e-banking password, mobile digital certificate password and etc. Don’t tell anyone else, including bank staff. Don’t keep any record on computer, telephone, mobile phone or other electronic equipment.

3.    Please set your online banking logon password and transaction password in a combination of letters and numbers in a complex way to prevent password cracking by other people.

4.    Online banking password should be different from password for other purposes (such as bank card/cashbook password, website membership password, or email password, etc); you should change your logon password and payment password on regular basis.

5.    Keep a close eye on account balance movement. Should you find any unpermitted transaction or account operation, you should immediately report loss or rest password, and make inquiry through SRCB hotline or come to SRCB branch for help.

6.    If there’s any change to your personal information (e.g., telephone number, address, etc), please inform SRCB timely and check your transaction record regularly.

7.    In no circumstances should you reveal your bank card and cashbook password; don’t trust any email, SMS, phone call that ask for your account number and password; in no circumstances should you transfer fund to unfamiliar account. SRCB will not, under any circumstance, require customer to transfer fund to a designated account. If you have any questions or doubts, please come to SRCB branch or call SRCB Hotline 962999 for help.

8.    If you reveal your account information by mistake, please ring SRCB Hotline 962999 immediately, or report loss or change password through SRCB branches and online banking. Once you’ve lost your bank card, please contact your bank to report loss.

9.    If you’ve been deceived, please ring bank hotline or come to bank branch to report fraud transaction timely, and require freezing bank account. For already incurred loss, please report to local police office.

10. Please remember SRCB official website and service hotline numbers:

a)     SRCB official website: www.srcb.com

b)     SRCB service hotline: 021-962999

c)     SRCB service email address: 962999@srcb.com

Online Banking Important Notice

1.     You can input www.srcb.com directly to surf on SRCB website. Don’t try any other links to re-direct to SRCB website. Also, you can save the website in the browser’s Favorite folder for future use.

2.     Once you’ve logon to online banking interface, you can check your last logon time on the welcome page to see whether there’s any unauthorized logon.

3.     Please click “log off” icon before closing the browser. Don’t leave your computer before log off online banking.

4.     Pease log off online banking properly once finishes online transaction. Mobile digital certificate users should unplug USB key each time, and all operation records will be automatically cleared up.

5.     Install and update to the latest version of anti-virus software and firewall to prevent any system leakage or virus.

6.     Do not use online banking at net-bar or other public places. Be cautious of steal of account number and password by video and keyboard monitoring.

Telephone Banking Important Notice

1.     Please do not try to call SRCB Hotline through public telephone with input number display function.

2.     If you call the hotline using mobile phone or telephone with input number display, do remember to clear up all information on the display or phone memory.

3.     When using telephone banking service, try not to use speaker function to prevent overhearing.

4.     Don’t use any telephone banking service that is transferred through a 3rd-party number.

Bank Card Security Tips

1.     When you receive a new bank card, please sign your name on the back of the card. Don’t place bank cards together with your ID card.

2.     Promptly change the initial password. Remember your password in mind instead of writing it down or tell anyone else. Change your password on regular basis.

3.     Don’t tell any person or organization your bank card information (including name, card number, password, validity, etc).

4.     If you lose your bank card, please immediately call your bank hotline to report loss.

Self-service Facility Important Notice

1.     When using ATM and other self-service terminals, be careful when inputting password in case others can steal your account number and password by video and keyboard monitoring.

2.     When using ATM, be cautious of strangers that are close to you.

3.     When using ATM, be careful of any unnecessary device installed on it, and note if there’s anything unusual or modification on the cash-out shutter and keyboard.

4.     Don’t trust anyone else when withdrawing money. Don’t call any doubtful telephone numbers attached on the machine.

5.     If your card got taken back by the ATM or cash is not released, please don’t leave and call bank service number or hotline immediately for help.

Card Payment Important Notice

1.     When making card payment at merchants, please keep an eye on the number of card swiping the cashier make.

2.     When making card payment, please check whether the amount of payment on voucher is correct or not.

3.     If there’s anything unusual happens when making card payment, please keep the transaction receipts and timely reconcile with bank card transaction records. If there’s any repeated transaction record, please contact bank with the transaction receipts.

4.     You’re encouraged to switch on the account balance movement SMS service to keep a close eye on balance change. If there’s any transaction that you have doubt of, please contact with your bank immediately.

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