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Inward Remittance

This refers to the settlement service that overseas correspondent bank transfers the fund, as entrusted by its client, to the local bank and instructs the local bank to pay the fund to the beneficiary.


1.    Using advanced SWIFT system to ensure instant and safe fund transfer.

2.    A dedicated team of international banking expertises, which offers professional advice, works out the best solution, makes turnaround period short, and saves fee charges for you.

Applicable situations

1.    For customers who require quick fund turnaround or tight financial cost control, Inward Remittance is a preferred solution.

2.    For fund settlement of international trade, non-trade transactions and capital items, etc.

Kind reminder

Unclear beneficiary information may result in delay or failure of the inward remittance. SRCB suggests the beneficiary to communicate with the remitter in advance to ensure the information accuracy.

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