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Outward Remittance

This refers to the settlement service that the local bank, as entrusted by the remitter, transfers the fund to the designated payee's bank account through its foreign correspondent bank.


1.    Simple, economic, fast and safe for using bank remittance.

2.    SRCB provides a broad network coverage, as well as tracking and inquiry service.

3.    SRCB designs the most straight-forward and instant remittance route for customers to save cost and ensure timely arrival.

Applicable situations

1.    For companies with adequate working capital, and care more about financial cost control instead of the convenience of financing.

2.    For exporters who accept the Cash on Delivery term while requiring fast fund collection.

3.    For importers who have sound relationship with the beneficiary, and are willing to pay in advance.

4.    For payment of documents, technology and trade affiliated expenses (including freight and insurance), outward remittance is a preferred method.

5.    For final payment in trade, usually outward remittance is used.

Kind reminder

Customers who want to make outward remittance must provide with valid proof as required by SAFE.

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