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The Scale of SRCB E-Banking Has Reached a New Level
2014-10-30    Text Size:[ S M L ]

In October 18, 2014,the customer number of SRCB Personal Online Banking has been over 1,000,000. The customer number of SRCB Personall Mobile Banking has been over 500,000. The customer number of SRCB Corporate Online Banking has been over 100,000.The rapid expansion of the customer scale effectively drives the intermediate business income growth. Over 25% Intermediate business income is from e-banking business. This scale of income is in the lead among the Chinese local banks.

In recent years, SRCB attaches great importance to the development of e-banking business, which is regarded as the key point of businesstransformation, costreduction andbusiness triage. SRCB is trying to continue to increase the input of e-banking production development and marketing managementand constantly introduce new channels, new business and new features, to develop the production full of characteristics, innovation and benefits, to provide differentiated e-banking services for customers.

In the future, SRCB will continue to consolidate the base of traditional e-banking business, develop more kinds of innovative Internet financial business such as direct banking and online financing, to provide more professional, comprehensive and convenient service for customers.

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