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QQ Xin Card

QQ Xin Card is jointly issued by SRCB and Tencent, INC. Card holders can enjoy the Diamond 3 VIP status at PaiPai.com (C2C e-commerce website owned by Tencent). Payment through online banking is not required for QQ Xin Card while shopping online, and its credits can be redeemed to QQ currency and QQ products. QQ Xin Card’s bills payment can be by installments as long as single consumption above RMB 100.
The basic functionalities of QQ Xin card are similar to SRCB’s other credit cards. The functionalities including: the longest interest-free period of 56 days, the amount of cash advance is 50% of the credit limit, 10% of the minimum repayment, 24 hour SMS notification service, various installments.
Feature details:
Diamond 3 VIP status at PaiPai.com

Upon successful application for QQ Xin Card, SRCB will free access Diamond 3 VIP status for card holders at PaiPai.com within 20 business days. Tencent will notice card holders when the VIP status is actived, meanwhile, diamond 3 VIP promotion and RMB 35 coupon will provided. The advantages of diamond 3 VIP including: 32 free sample products (foods/goods) experience, 90% off -0.1% off discount, preferential QQ member price purchase movie tickets, VIP online or telephone services.
Credits redeemed to QQ currency
QQ Xin Card holders can use credit card’s credits to redeem preferential QQ currency. The preferential redeem standard: 600 credits = 1Q. Credits can also be used to redeem other QQ services, such as various QQ diamonds services. The preferential redeem standard: 6,000 credits=1month QQ member/red/yellow/green diamond; 12,000 credits=black/purple diamond.
SRCB’s other credit card’s credits can also be used to redeem QQ currency. The redeem standard: 1,200credits=1 Q. The redeem standard of the other credit cards: 12,000 credits=1month QQ member/red/yellow/green diamond; 24,000 credits=black/purple diamond.
Consumption over RMB 100, pay bills installments.
QQ Xin Card’s bills payment can be by installments as long as single consumption above RMB 100.
Online application makes application easy, safe, and convenient.
To get more details about QQ Xin card's functionality and services please visit SRCB.com and PaiPai.com, or call customer service hotline: 021-962999, 4006962999. Functionalities are subject to change without prior notice. SRCB reserves the legal rights of interpretation on the promotional service. Card holders have any problems please contact PaiPai.com for instructions. SRCB do not assume any responsibilities.

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