Airport Lounge

Services Flows

Service Flow:

1. Receive the airport service card sent by SRCB
2. Call "400-882-1111" to activate your airport service card
3. Bring your airport service card, ID card, ticket or boarding pass to designated first class lounge
4. Identity verification by service staff in first class lounge
5. Sign and confirm to enter first class lounge

We will send a China UnionPay DragonPass Airport VIP Card and a User Manual to your mailing address within 10 working days after your "Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank World and Platinum Travel Card" is activated. Please sign your name on the back of DragonPass Airport VIP Card upon reception of the card and call Customer Service hotline at 400-882-1111 to activate your China UnionPay DragonPass Airport Card.

With the DragonPass card, you and your supplementary cardholder can enjoy free airport VIP services for four times every year respectively. You may take your friends or families to enjoy the airport VIP lounge services. Use of such service each time by you and your family or friend will be deducted from the number of free uses of that year. In case of exceeding, we will charge service fee from your RMB Priority Platinum Card account. Service fee: RMB 180 yuan per person each time.

After arriving at the first class lounge, you should show your China UnionPay DragonPass Card, ID card, boarding pass or ticket to service staff. You may enter the VIP lounge after your identity information is verified by the service staff.