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Rural Social Security Payment Card

Rural Social Security Payment Card is a financial joint-brand debit card specifically for RMB fund clearing among participating units, SRCB and Rural Insurance Centre. The card must be under the participating unit’s name, and no cash withdrawal, overdraft, consumption can be made using the card.


The card realizes non-cash deduction of rural social pension insurance premium, assures total control over the whole daily collection process, as well as the timely update and prompt transmission of relevant business information and data, which ensures the fund safety and internal control of rural social security fund.

Business application

SRCB has established a specific business platform with Rural Insurance Centre. Batch processing is realized for the application & account opening, regular deduction, premium payment, loss reporting and replacement, information change, refund and written-off of the card. Once the Rural Insurance Centre has sent an instruction, SRCB will deal with it immediately.

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