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Taobao Xin Card

Taobao Xin Card is jointly issued by SRCB and Chinese largest online mall taobao.com. Card holders do need to use online banking when shopping at taobao.com, meanwhile, Alipay’s (third party payment platform) growing points can be also earned. No matter shopping online or at the real store, the credits can be redeemed as Ji Fen Bao (Taobao.com’s virtual currency) to consume at taobao.com. The credit limit will be recovered immediately after bills paid through Alipay. All of above advantages will bring you a brand new online shopping experience.

Gold Alipay account, Enjoy VIP Service.
Gold Taobao Xin card holders can earn extra 1500 Alipay growing points based on the original points by connecting card account with Alipay’s account and upgrade to Gold Alipay account. Gold Alipay account’s advantages are following: 20% off of Ji Fen Bao redeem presents at taobao.com, discount of car rental, movies tickets, hotels booking, VIP customer service and so on. Classic Taobao Xin card holders can earn extra 500 Alipay growing points based on the original points by connecting card account with Alipay account, in order to become VIP at Taobao.com.

Taobao VIP, Preferential price always available.
Once Gold Taobao Xin card holders upgraded their Gold Alipay account, card holders can be redeemed Taobao VIP status for free, with minimum 5% off discount shopping at taobao.com. Card holders can participate the Taobao VIP exclusive preferential fair and gain the priority of free samples experience.

Fast payment, Convenient consumption.
Use Taobao Xin card through Alipay to meet your daily needs: to pay utilities, shopping online, and buy movie tickets without online banking. The text messages verification technology is used to notice the account balance changed and ensure the transaction safety.

Easy Credits redeem cash
Taobao Xin card's credits can be easily exchanged into Ji Fen Bao. JI Fen Bao can be redeemed as cash when shopping at Taobai.com. 500 credits=100 Ji Fen Bao=RMB 1

Earn credits via online shopping
You can earn credits both by using Taobao Xin Card via regular consume at any store and shopping online through Alipay. Consume RMB 1 = 1 credit. You can use your accumulative credits to redeem your favorite presents.

Immediate bills payment, bills inquiry at anytime.
You can easily pay your credit card bills even across banks by using Alipay credit card online payment platform (bill.alipay.com). The credit card limit will recover as soon as you paid your bills. Without using online banking service, you can inquire your current bills, and easily arrange your financial plans.

* The online cross-banks bills payment function is required for debit card which is using for bills payment.

Free cash withdrawal
During the Taobao Xin Card promotion period, inter-bank ATM cash withdrawal and overdraft withdrawal are free of charge.

Online application makes it easy, safe, and convenient.
Visit http://sub.srcb.com/fsfore/html/card/home.htmlto complete Taobao Xin Card application. All you need to do is fill in the application form online, our professional staff will contact you, you can just get your card waiting at home.

To get more details about Taobao Xin card's functions and services please visit SRCB.com and Alipay.com, or call customer service hotline: 021-962999, 4006962999. Functions are subject to change without prior notice. Gold Alipay account and Taobao VIP refer to the relative clauses and ruled of Alipay and Taobao.com. Card holders have any problems please contact Alipay and Taobao.com for instructions. SRCB do not assume any responsibilities.

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