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Shanghai Tourism Card

On August 10th 2009, Shanghai Tourism Card was officially launched as the Image Card of Shanghai.

Shanghai Tourism Card is a theme credit card jointly launched by Shanghai Tourism Bureau, China UnionPay and 26 domestic banks. SRCB is one of the 26 banks.

SRCB launches two types of Shanghai Tourism Card, namely Gold Card and Classic Card. The card not only provides with basic functions such as overdraft, transfer & settlement, and cash withdrawal, but also offers value-added service at contractual merchants. Card holders can enjoy promotion and discounting at more than 100 famous merchants in Shanghai.

Featured service

1.    More than 100 featured merchants covering restaurants, accommodation, traveling, tourism, shopping, and entertainment.

2.    More than 1000 famous merchants offering consumption discount, rewards, point exchange.

3.    More than 10000 domestic merchants and 6000 overseas merchants, which provides with great convenience.

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