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Wish Card Application & Loss-reporting

1. Application for the Wish Card

1) Any individual with PRC resident ID card, passport or overseas valid identity certificate can apply for a Wish Card.

2) The applicant can choose whether to apply for a preset card or customized card. The preset cards are available at the SRCB branch, while the customized cards take 5 working days to make.

2. Loss-reporting for the Wish Card

1) If card-holders lose Wish Card is lost or stolen, please immediately visit any SRCB branch to make formal loss reporting, and apply for replacement card.

2) In the case the card-holder cannot make a written loss reporting, please call SRCB 24-hour hotline (021-962999) to make an oral loss reporting. Any loss incurred before the reporting is undertaken by the card-holder.

3) Validation of oral loss reporting will expire after 5 days. Card-holder must come to SRCB branch and make formal reporting during the 5-day period.

Kind reminder

If the card-holder's current deposit cashbook is lost, when the loss reporting is done, the Wish Card that has been linked to the cashbook will be frozen automatically. Only when the card-holder has applied for a replacing current deposit cashbook, can the Wish Card restore validity.

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