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Functions of Wish Card

1. Inter Banks Transfer
Fund can be transferred across different banks in real time through China UnionPay platform.

2. Online Payment
Customers can use Wish Card to shopping online through CUP online payment platform.

3. SMS Service
SMS notice is a service which allows SRCB inform Wish Card holders about account activity, business promotions, or any other financial service information by sending SMS.

4. Utility Bill Payment 
Card hoders can use self-service terminals (such as the Company website and self-service terminals) to pay utility bills. This service is jointly offered by SRCB and Shanghai Electronic Bill Payment Company ("the Company").

5. Rural Credit Bank Fund Clearing 
Institutions that have been registered in the Rural Credit Bank Business System can accept offsite account opening requests, and offer offsite service such as money deposit and withdrawal, fund transfer, balance check, etc.

6. Universal Cash Saving & Withdrawing Service for Wish Card and Shen Card
SRCB Wish Card holders can make universal cash deposit and withdrawal across Bank of Shanghai’s branch network, meanwhile Bank of Shanghai Shen Card holders can also make universal cash deposit and withdrawal across SRCB branch network.

7. Mobile Phone Recharging 
Customers can recharge their mobile phone through various SRCB service terminals. This service is jointly launched by SRCB, Shanghai Mobile and agents.

8. ChinaPay Service 
A online mutual fund direct sales service jointly launched by SRCB and ChinaPay. Wish Card holders can make transactions (such as account opening, subscription, redemption, receiving dividends) on mutual fund company websites.

9. Rural Migrant Workers Bank Card Featured Service
Wish Card holders who are rural migrant workers can withdraw cash or check account balance at local Rural Credit Unions.
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