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Xin Fu Farmers Card

Xin Fu Farmers Card is a card issued by SRCB which combined debit and credit functionalities, it benefits farmers to make daily settlement and daily consumption. The main potential card holders are farmers who living at Shanghai rural areas, and some companies doing agricultural business and its employees.

In order to meet the actual needs of rural customers, Xin Fu Farmers Card combined debit and credit functionalities which includes saving deposit, interest, and credit overdraft functionalities.

Saving deposit to earn interest
Current interest rate is implemented according to the deposit on Xin Fu Farmers card.

Preferential overdraft rate
The overdraft interest rate is 30% off based on the regular credit card’s daily interest rate 0.05%. To use Xin Fu Credit Card of consumption or cash overdraft, the overdraft interest starts on the bank’s billing day, and no interest-free repayment period.

Free cash withdrawal
Cross banks ATM withdrawal fee and cash overdraft fee will not be charged according to the Xin Fu Farmers Card.

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