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Xin Ju (Housing) Card

Xin Ju (Housing) Card is jointly issued by SRCB and Shanghai Housing Property Guarantee Company. The purpose of housing credit card is designed for customers who has personal housing loan from SRCB to purchase any goods relate to "housing", earn double credits and travel abroad without paying high deposit. Customers can enjoy the high credit limit as well.

The card holders enjoy the following preferential services:

1. Multiple credits earned.

Xin Ju (Housing) Card holders consume at any building materials markets, furniture stores, super markets, and 24 hour convenience stores in Shanghai can earn double credits.

2. "Housing" series preferential stores

Xin Ju (Housing) Card holders can enjoy the discount when consume at the "housing" series stores which selling building materials, furniture, garden accessories, and home design products.

3. Free overseas deposit

Xin Ju (Housing) Card holders just need to pay small amount of guarantee fee instead of deposit when travel abroad.

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