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Xing Nong (Agriculture) Card

1. Overview

This card is an agriculture-supporting themed card launched by SRCB to serve the
“3 agricultural issues”. The credit limit is actually the agri-business related
credit loan limit.

2. Target customers

This credit card is essentially a corporate card. Qualifying customers must meet the
following requirements.

1)     Must be one of the 100 faithful farmer specialized cooperative unions
as jointly recognized by SRCB and Shanghai Municipal Agriculture Committee.
2)     Target customers must have comprehensive credit limit at SRCB.

3. Featured service

1)     Low cost. Card holders can enjoy as long as 56 days of interest-free period. For short working capital cycles, customers can make multi drawdown and repayment without any cost. For working capital cycle longer than interest-free period, customers can still borrow money at interest rates below benchmark rates, which saves funding cost and improve efficiency.
2)     High credit limit. Credit limit for the card is approved based on the agri-business related credit loan limit, which is up to RMB 300,000.
3)     Easy and convenient. Once approved, card holders can easily use the card to meet its funding needs in consumption and production.
4)     Value-added service. Apart from meeting basic agri-business related operation, card holders can also enjoy various value-added services offered by SRCB credit card, such as account balance movement SMS, bank statement management, merchant promotion & discounting, etc.

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