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Start-up Stage Plan

SRCB is dedicated to offer your company with funding solutions for start-up stage to support your business operation and growth.

Based on the features and financial requirements for companies at start-up stage, SRCB is offering the following products and service.

1.   Major funding products

This includes property-secured general Working Capital Loan, and Manufacturer and Trader Development Loan (New Project Loan).

2.   Additional products and service

Cash management solution series – account and settlement service

  • Registration Capital Verification Account Opening
  • Agency settlement
  • Telephone banking
  • Online banking

Working capital loan series (non-collateral)

  • Policy-based Loan guaranteed by China National Investment & Guaranty Company
  • District/County Guaranty Institution guaranteed Loan

Supply chain financing series

  • Bill discount

Fixed assets loan series

  • Corporation Business Premise Mortgage Loan
  • Corporation Operational Property Mortgage Loan

Trade finance series

  • L/C issuance with Credit Limit
  • Export Packing Loan

3.   Case study – financing package for companies at start-up stage

Mr. Shen has been engaged in electric appliance industry for years. He has gained both experience and wealth. He decides to start up a company focusing on manufacturing and sales of soft magnet products with his friends.

So he comes to SRCB branch for consultancy. SRCB relationship manager Mr. Xu provides the following financial service to Mr. Shen.

  • Introduce to him in detail the process and items for make registration at the Industry and Commerce Authority;
  • Assist Mr. Shen in opening Registration Capital Verification Account, and upon acquiring of the business license, assist in the opening of corporate basic account for daily settlement;
  • Assist the company in opening up agency service such as salary payment and utility fee collection; in opening up phone banking (962999) to enable real time fund balance checking;
  • Help the company to focus on sales and market movement;
  • Promise to offer Personal Business Loan service;
  • Help to open up Corporate Online Banking service for the company to achieve fund transfer, draft application and other service online.
  • Mr. Shen feels quite satisfied with the bank service, and is confident about the future of the company.
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