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Xin Yi Card

Xin Yi Card is SRCB's first debit card exclusive to VIP clients. We're honored to offer you prestigious services to fulfill your financial needs in everyway.

1. Xin Yi Card VIP Services

1) Exclusive Tariff
Xin Yi Card holders can enjoy a special service tariff including free cross-province/nation ATM cash withdrawal and balance inquiry, free counter loss-reporting and card replacement, etc. For more information, please visit our website www.srcb.com or any SRCB branches.

2) Priority Service Channels
Xin Yi Card holders do not need to wait in line for counter services at SRCB. Just by showing your Xin Yi Card , you may enjoy the priority of counter services at any SRCB branches.

3) Free VIP Magazine
SRCB will offer you the seasonal FASHION magazine with an up-to-date collection of information on wealth management , financial market development, as well as lifestyle ideas.

4) Specialized Relationship Manager
Our Xin Yi Card customers will own a one-to-one relationship manager, who is dedicated to provide you with professional, convenient, and prompt financial services, including fixed deposit maturity reminder, loan repayment delay notice, investment updates, etc.

5) Variable Investment Products
To fulfill your investment needs and reach your wealth management target, we'd like to offer you a wide range of investment products, including mutual funds, insurance, precious metal investment, and other product packages.

6) Professional Account Management
Owing the Xin Yi Card, you may conveniently manage all your accounts in one card. For example, you may subscribe all your saving booklets to Xin Yi Card and dispose the saving booklets. If needed, you may also disconnect the sub-account from the Xin Yi Card, and open up a new saving booklet with new password for the sub-account.

7) Exclusive Events
We will periodically invite our Xin Yi Card customer for wealth management seminars and leisure events to enrich your lifestyle.

2. How to Apply
If your total personal asset (including deposit, investment products, mutual funds, and insurances) exceeds RMB 200,000 equivalent, or if your personal loan amount exceeds RMB 1,000,000(inclusive), you may become our Xin Yi Card customer.

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