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Xin Yi Wealth Management (WM)


Due to the global financial crisis and turmoil in the stock market, more and more investors are looking for a safer investment.

The Heng Tong Series Product is a type of Principal/Profit Guaranteed Wealth Management product. Since this series was launched in 2008, it has always been warmly welcomed by investors. Investors can subscribe the product during its public offering period at SRCB branches.


The customer can subscribe this product at SRCB Wealth Management network or Financial Convenient Sore with his/her own ID card and SRCB Wish Card

Step 1: Apply for a SRCB Wish Card
Step 2: Take Risk Assessment test and sign contract (activate the function that allows subscription of WM products through Wish Card
Step 3: Set up Wealth Management account
Step 4: Fill in Product Acceptance Assessment Report, and sign Subscription Agreement to buy the WM product

Potential risks
1.Policy Risk

“Xin Yi” Wealth products are designed in strict accordance to the relevant regulations and policies. If there are certain changes in the national macroeconomic policies and relevant regulations, the normal operation (establishment, investment, and redemption) of Xin Yi might be impacted.

2.Market Risk

Investors might suffer loss from substantial market volatilities (such as interest rate increase/decrease, foreign exchange rate movement or equity market shock)

3.Liquidity Risk

Xin Yi Wealth products can not be redeemed prior to maturity date, which means the investor can not liquidate the value at any time.

4.Risk of Failure to establish

During the public offering period, if there is severe movement in the market, and SRCB estimates it’s impossible to offer investors with Xin Yi Wealth products based on the original Prospectus, SRCB has the rights to announce that the Xin Yi Wealth product is not established.

5.Default Risk

The Xin Yi Principal/Profit guaranteed product assures 100% on both principal and profit for investors, while it offers no termination right to investors to redeem prior to maturity. If the investor breaches the prospectus and terminates the contract prior to its maturity, the principal/profit guarantee clause is not adoptable to this investor any more, and the investor is to undertake the default responsibilities. Investors should invest carefully based on full awareness of potential risks.

6. Force Majeure Risk

If caused by Force Majeure circumstance include natural disasters, warfare, system failure, communication failure, transaction suspension in the markets and so on, the establishment, investment operation, fund redemption, information disclosure and public announcement of the “Xin Yi” Wealth products could be impacted or suspended.

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