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SHRCB Overview

Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. (referred to as "SHRCB" hereafter) was founded on August 25, 2005. It is a state-owned corporate bank headquartered in Shanghai and the first provincial-level commercial bank from the joint-stock reform of rural credit cooperatives in China. On August 19th, 2021, the Bank was successfully listed on the main board of the A-share market, with the stock abbreviation "Hu Nong Shang Hang" and stock code 601825. Currently, the registered capital of Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank is RMB 9.644 billion with more than 360 branches and over 10,000 employees.

Centered around Shanghai's new three major tasks, "Five Centers" and the construction of "Four Brands", SHRCB is committed to its mission of "Inclusive Finance Delivers Better Life". It upholds the core values of "Sincerity, Responsibility, Creation, Benefit", promotes the three core strategies of "Insist on customer-centricity, Be committed to inclusive finance, Stay firm in digital transformation", and strives to become a service-oriented bank that creates value for its customers. The bank aims to build a service-oriented bank to create value for customers, and an integrated regional financial service group with the best experience and outstanding brand.

SHRCB ranked 124th in UK The Banker's "Top 1000 Global Banks",  In "GYROSCOPE" rating of commercial banks' sound development capability in 2022, it stood as the top-ranked rural commercial bank. The bank also secured the 23rd place in the "Top 100 Banks in China 2022" list and was the second-ranked rural commercial bank nationwide. Additionally, it secured the 469th position in the "Fortune China 500" for 2022. The bank holds a Standard & Poor's credit rating of "AAspc-" with a "stable" outlook.

Emerging from the Shanghai Rural Credit Cooperatives established in 1949, the bank has witnessed the magnificent development of the city under the banner of the People's Republic. Carrying forward over seven decades of Shanghai's rural credit history, Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank roots itself in the metropolis, works together with various industries and stays close to the people. It upholds the principles of positive finance, practical finance, and forward-looking finance. The bank safeguards the authenticity of life through financial integrity and benevolence while responding to market expectations with professionalism and enterprising spirit, realizing the organic unity of commercial value and social function of the bank.

Tel: +86-21-962999Postal Code: 200002E-mail: ir@shrcb.comAddress: No. 70 Zhongshan Road (East-2), Huangpu District, Shanghai, PRC

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