Corporate Culture
Corporate Culture

Mission: Inclusive Finance Delivers Better Life.

Core Values: Sincerity, Responsibility, Creation, Benefit.

Vision: Build a service-oriented bank to create value for customers, and an integrated regional financial service group with the best experience and outstanding brand.

Brand Value Proposition: Authentic Living, Positive Finance.

Core Spirit: Value virtue and goodness, benefit the city and the people, pursue excellence with diligence, and realize the shared dream of harmony.

Ten Basic Elements:

1. Practical and Integrity: Our fundamental nature.

2. Caring and Approachable: Our way of hospitality.

3. Trustworthy and Steadfast: Our operational style.

4. Diligent and Energetic: Our work ethic.

5. Warm and Inclusive: Our corporate environment.

6. Harmonious and Shared Responsibility: Our sense of mission.

7. Self-Confident and Empowered: Our driving force for innovation.

8. Meticulous and Professional: Our professional demeanor.

9. Progressive and Self-reflective: Our excellent qualities.

10. Altruism and Shared Beauty: Our humanistic philosophy.

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